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Yung C. Lai, Shu Y. Wang, Huan Y. Gao, Khiem M. Nguyen, Chinh H. Nguyen, Ming C. Shih, Kuan H. Lin; Physicochemical properties of starches and expression and activity of starch biosynthesis-related genes in sweet potatoes; Food Chemistry, Vol. 199, pp. 556 – 564.


The functional properties of starches from six sweet potato varieties containing various starch components and structures were studied in an attempt to identify starch sources for industrial uses. Tainan 18 (TNN18) with high-amylose (AM) starch exhibited high setback and breakdown viscosities, high water solubility at 85 °C but low swelling volume at 65 °C, and high hardness and adhesiveness; in contrast, the low-AM starch of Tainung 31 (TNG31) had opposite characteristics. Seven genes related to starch biosynthesis were tested, and GBSS, SS, SBEII, ISA, and AGPase were highly expressed in TNN18 and TNG31; however, transcript levels in DBE and SBE were extremely low. GBSS and SS activity reflected the abundance of GBSS and SS mRNA in TNG31 and TNN18, and expression of AGPase, GBSS, SS, and SBE in TNN18 substantially increased content of AM. The expression and activity of DBE had a significant effect on TNG31 with increased AP content.

Keywords: Sweet potato starch; Amylose content; Gelatinization; Pasting; Starch-biosynthesis enzyme